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I founded PurpleHands Empowerment Initiative in 2016 after a personal life-changing encounter which convinced me that if we do nothing today about the rising poverty rates, the country will descend into anarchy, the future will be bleak and unsafe for everyone, not just the poor. I started this foundation as an avenue to bridge the gap between the challenges faced by women and youths living in underserved areas, to empower them with the resources they need to rise out of poverty and to create more opportunities for sustainable living in their community.


She is a top level Chartered Administrator in the Federal Civil Service, a Chartered Mediator, Peace Advocate and a Community Development specialist. She has worked in diverse sectors and garnered experience in Public Policy, Poverty Eradication at grassroot level, Transport Policy Coordination, Agriculture and Rural Development as well as Youth and Sports Development.

This expertise and experiences aided her in founding PurpleHands Empowerment Initiative, a Grassroot Development non-for-profit Organization dedicated to improving the lives and standard of living of women and youths in Nigeria in the year 2016 after a life changing encounter that convinced her to join in the pursuit of lifting people out of poverty.

Brenda has served in different positions on several charities to support the growth of women in her community and has lent her voice to the cause of women at various events including side events of the United Nations Committee on the Status of Women, New York.

For her work and service to humanity, Brenda has been admired, honored and distinguished with a Proclamation from the Office of the Mayor, City of Orange, New Jersey and with an Assembly Resolution passed at the State House,Trenton by Assemblywoman Timberlake and Assemblyman Giblin of the New Jersey General Assembly.

Ms. Brenda Max-Nduaguibe

Founder, PurpleHand Empowerment Initiative.

ONE COMMUNITY AT A TIME To successfully improve the livelihoods of the communities we work with, we think long term in regards to how we engage and deploy our programs. This involves making a long term commitment towards deploying a series of community interventions and projects that ensure we achieve a well-defined set of development outcomes in a given community.

IMPACT THROUGH OWNERSHIP & STRATEGIC COLLABORATION We understand that to drive impact across our programs, communities must claim some form of ownership of the process and contribute actively to developing and implementing projects that address their problems.

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