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Making Lives Better

and improving the Livelihoods of Rural Women, Girls and Youths through stimulating opportunities one Community at a time.

We are working

To ensure that poverty in all its forms is eradicated in Nigeria.


PurpleHands Empowerment Initiative seeks to make lives better by improving the livelihood of women, youth and children through simulating opportunities one community at a time which would inspire and give hope to the vulnerable in society.


To eradicate extreme poverty in all its forms in Nigeria.

Our Programs and Initiatives

Healthcare Access

Ensuring quality healthcare for underserved communities, promoting wellness, and improving health outcomes through our initiatives and partnerships.

Revolving Access Loans and Cooperatives:

Empowering local entrepreneurs with financial tools, microloans, and cooperative structures to catalyze economic growth and self-sufficiency.

Climate Action

Spearheading sustainable practices, raising environmental awareness, and mitigating climate change's impact through grassroots advocacy and eco-friendly projects.

Relief Provision

Delivering essential aid during crises, providing immediate relief to vulnerable populations, and supporting disaster-stricken communities in their recovery efforts.

Girl Child Mentoring

Nurturing the potential of young girls, offering guidance, education, and mentorship to empower them for a brighter, more equitable future.

Youth Empowerment and Skill Development

Equipping young people with essential life skills, vocational training, and opportunities for personal growth, fostering self-reliance and employment prospects.

Our Remarkable Events

We rely on generous donations, volunteers, and strategic partnerships to fuel our mission of community empowerment.

Target Goals

The organization’s primary goal is to create a world where women, girls, and youths can achieve their full potential. This goal is driven by the recognition of the pressing issue of extreme poverty in Nigeria, which affects millions of people, especially women, girls, and youths in rural areas. Purple Hands Empowerment Initiative aims to bridge the gap by providing resources and opportunities for sustainable living.

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